Welcome to Rogaland BDSM club

Rogaland BDSM club "RBK" is a social arena for people over the age of 18 that are interested in BDSM located in Rogaland, Norway. we mostly operate in Stavanger/Sandnes and as of recently Haugesund has gotten their own division.

We are an active club with a focus on the social aspect, wanting to bring together people of similar interests.With that in mind we arrange cabin trips, parties, pub meetups and munches. Other activities may include movienight, discussion night and theme nights.

We do NOT arrange orgies, gang bangs nor do we gang up on new subs for spankings. We do not practice hazing of new members. None of our arrangements go against Norwegian law.

A "No" is to be respected regardless who it comes from, be they Dominant, switcH or submissive. "Red" is also the clubs code word for no and must be followed.

RBK is a club with happy, friendly, accepting, and at some points a little bit crazy, members that take care of each other.

Our members are creative people that will most likely not turn down a chance at a spanking session with friends and newer members at f.ex. out cabin trips.

Want to becoma a member? here in RBK everyone that applies gets a greeter. This is both for your own and our safety. Your greeter is your contact person within the club in case you have any questions at any point and this way we get a chance to talk to new members in the beginning. in our experience people have an easier time adjusting and becoming a part of the club with a sense of belonging after hearing in person, just how things work with us.

As per today the membership fee is 450,- NOK a year.

Any further questions? send us an email! we reply as soon as we possibly can