Welcome to Rogaland BDSM Club

Rogaland BDSM Club is a social association for fetishism and BDSM interested people in Rogaland.

We are an active club with a focus on the social community. Here you will meet open, like-minded people of all genders, ages, orientations and walks of life of many kinds. Don't fear being judged here. We are a club of happy, friendly, inclusive members, who take care of each other.

However, we are not a sex club or swinger club. At our events, our main focus is not sex of any kind. Nor do we do match making.

In order to safeguard new and existing members, we have a sponsorship scheme. The sponsor shall ensure that new members receive information and us and are familiar with the importance of discretion and how we behave. The sponsor will also take extra good care of new members and ensure that the introduction and first meeting with the club is safe and sound.

In terms of discretion, this is very important to us. You, and everyone else at the club, should feel confident that the need for discretion is taken seriously. Discretion will essentially say that information about who is members, what is being done and said in the club, should not come out and identify anyone. Most of our events are open only to members, or other associations that live according to the same principle of discretion as us.

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